Another dormant blog?

Sure seems that way.

I started this blog because I thought it would be good to have a place to write all those opinions I have about the state of social media. However, I rarely (read: never) find time to actually post. Most of my content-generation energy has been distributed to other places.

In fact, I have quite a lot of opinions about social media. Like, here. And, here. Just not, well, here.

If you are curious about my views on food and food politics, well, those I do share, in the format of a Facebook Fan Page for Community-Supported Agriculture.

Or, if you have an interest in preparing for (ick) the worst, I have been blogging about my experiences preparing my own home and family, without stressing too much about it.

See, I am a big user of social media. Just not a very good social media blogger. But I am doing a bit of public speaking this month, so it seemed time to dust this blog off and see if I can put it to work. Maybe.

Where I am speaking:

This morning. I joined a panel on Revenue Generation at the California Association of Museums Conference, and shared my views on using social media to generate revenue. I will post the slides (eventually).

Next week, I will be joining Maria Giudice from Hot Studio in facilitating a Core Conversation at SXSW in Austin, TX, titled Tools for Good: Design Meets Technology in Service. Very excited about that one! Hope to see you there.


2 responses to “Another dormant blog?

  1. Glad you mentioned the CSA fan page – I joined. Not bad for a dormant page.