Me, talking. Take two. This time at SXSW.

Woohoo, WiFi on the plane. My book is languishing, but at least I can get this blog post out of my head and onto the interwebs. (It’s a really good book, too. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I can barely stand to put it down.)

Twice this month, someone else’s change of plans turned out to be my good fortune. Last week I was invited to participate in a panel at the California Association of Museums, on the topic of online Revenue Generation, when someone else could no longer attend. My focus was, of course, social media, drawing from my experience working with the California Academy of Sciences.

This week, I have again been invited to replace another speaker, this time at SXSW. I am thrilled to be facilitating a core conversation together with the deeply knowledgeable and high-energy Maria Giudice of Hot Studio. Maria has an impressive depth of experience from her agency’s awesome work with museums and other non-profits. I met her originally through my work with the California Academy of Sciences, whose web site they built.

To get our planning started, Maria and I asked each other questions. I will share the discussion in my next couple posts. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, are you going to SXSW? Say hi. I confess, I have way too many social profiles and I can’t even remember what they are for. I will definitely be checking some of them. The most likely candidates are below. (never mind. Can’t deal with checking in to more than one site.) (still have account, but don’t see value at the moment.)

I also think I have FriendFeed,, and Plaxo (does anyone actually use Plaxo? or is it just a professional nagging service? I seem to get email from it everyday, which obviously I never read. I just peeked at the site and it seems to have rebranded itself. Apparently it’s the address book I never knew I needed. Huh.) Who knows what other profiles I might have. I know I can’t keep track.


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