FourSquare? Gowalla? Yelp? Huh? I mean, why?

A colleague writes about Yelp’s check-ins, and it got me to wondering:

Here’s the thing I don’t get about Yelp’s check-ins (yes, I was looking into this very recently) — they don’t show up anywhere. I couldn’t find check-in histories on my friends’ pages nor on the businesses’ pages.

For example, if I look up the California Academy of Sciences on Foursquare, I can see that over 1100 different people have checked in there. On Yelp, nothing of the sort. I assume it is just a matter of time, but it left me wondering where the check-ins go. They seem to just vanish.

I agree with Bruce, much more useful information when you check in on Yelp, but the history piece would be nice too.

And that still leaves us with the question of why check in at all. I use Foursquare — very erratically. I just can’t seem to get all that excited about badges, nor about being mayor of my local gas station.


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